Back To School Eye Exams And Eyeglasses In Rochester Hills…

Back-to-school season is the perfect time to schedule an eye exam for your child. Good vision is essential for academic success, and identifying and addressing vision problems early can set your child up for success. At 2020 Vision in Rochester Hills, Dr. Dolan provides comprehensive eye exams for students of all ages, ensuring your child has the best possible vision for success in the classroom.

Here are a few key reasons why back-to-school eye exams are so important:

  • Identifying vision problems: Children may not always recognize when they are experiencing vision problems, which can lead to difficulties in the classroom. A comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Dolan can help identify any vision issues that may be affecting your child’s academic performance.

  • Improving reading abilities: Many children struggle with reading, and vision issues can often be the cause. With glasses, contact lenses, or other treatments, Dr. Dolan can help improve your child’s reading abilities and set them up for success in school.
  • Reducing eye strain and headaches: Extended periods of reading, computer use, or other close work can cause eye strain and headaches. Dr. Dolan can help identify any issues related to eye strain and provide solutions to reduce discomfort.

At 2020 Vision, we understand the importance of good vision for academic success. Schedule an appointment for your child’s back-to-school eye exam today by calling (248) 375-0040. Let us help set your child up for success in the classroom and beyond.