Christmas Gift Ideas Rochester Hills MI?

Here are some ideas for Christmas gifts in 2023 that involve eyeglasses or gift certificates from 2020 Vision at 3110 Walton Blvd Rochester Hills, MI:
  • Personalized Prescription Eyeglasses: You could gift your loved ones a pair of personalized prescription eyeglasses from 2020 Vision. These could be designed to match their personal style and needs, ensuring that they have clear vision and look great while doing so.
  • Designer Sunglasses: Another great gift idea from 2020 Vision is a pair of designer sunglasses. These could be a stylish accessory for your loved ones to wear and protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

  • Eye Exam and Consultation: A gift certificate for an eye exam and consultation from 2020 Vision could be an excellent gift for someone who needs to get their vision checked or is experiencing eye problems. It could help them identify any potential issues and get the right treatment.
  • Contact Lenses: If your loved one wears contact lenses, you could gift them a supply of their favorite brand or a gift certificate to purchase contact lenses from 2020 Vision.
  • Gift of Sight: As you mentioned, you could also consider making a donation to the 2020 Vision Gift of Sight program in your loved one’s name. This program helps provide eyeglasses to individuals in need, giving them the gift of clear vision and improving their quality of life.

Remember to include the phone number of 2020 Vision at 3110 Walton Blvd Rochester Hills, MI at the bottom of the gift card or gift certificate for easy access and scheduling of appointments.