Dealing with Eye Infections: Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention

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Eye infections are a common occurrence among people of all ages. They can range from mild irritation to severe infections that can cause permanent damage to your vision. Understanding the causes, symptoms, and prevention of these infections can help you deal with them effectively.


There are several different types of eye infections, each with specific causes. Some of the most common types of eye infections include viral and bacterial conjunctivitis, keratitis, and blepharitis. These infections can be caused by a variety of factors, including allergies, contact lens wear, exposure to irritants like smoke and dust, and poor hygiene.


The symptoms of an eye infection can vary depending on the type of infection you have. Some common symptoms include redness and swelling of the eye, itching or burning, discharge, sensitivity to light, and blurred vision. In some cases, you may also experience pain in the eye or a feeling of grittiness.


Prevention is key when it comes to eye infections. Some simple steps you can take to prevent eye infections include practicing good hygiene, avoiding touching your eyes, using protective eyewear when necessary, and properly caring for your contact lenses. It’s also important to avoid sharing eye makeup or contact lens solution with others and to wash your hands frequently, especially if you’re prone to allergies or have a weakened immune system.

If you do develop an eye infection, it’s important to seek treatment immediately. Dr. Dolan from 2020 Vision in Rochester Hills MI can offer you expert care and guidance when dealing with eye infections. With years of experience in providing comprehensive eye care, Dr. Dolan can help diagnose and treat your eye infection, offering personalized recommendations to keep your eyes healthy and functioning optimally.

Don’t let an eye infection go untreated- get the care you need today. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Dolan, call 248 375 0040.

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