Eyes on Fire: Understanding Conjunctivitis

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Eyes on Fire: Understanding Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis, commonly referred to as pink eye, is a condition that affects the outermost layer of the eye, known as the conjunctiva. This condition is characterized by redness, itching, and discharge from the eye. Conjunctivitis can be caused by a variety of factors, including bacterial or viral infections, allergies, or irritants.

Dr. Dolan from 2020 Vision in Rochester Hills, MI, has extensive experience in the treatment of conjunctivitis. He understands the impact this condition can have on an individual’s quality of life and is dedicated to providing effective treatment options to alleviate symptoms and protect long-term eye health.

The Symptoms of Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis can affect one or both eyes and typically presents with symptoms that include:

– Redness: Inflammation of the conjunctiva can cause the white part of the eye to appear red or pink in color.

– Itching: Itchy, irritated eyes are a common symptom of conjunctivitis, particularly in cases caused by allergies.

– Discharge: A yellow or green discharge is often present with bacterial conjunctivitis, while a watery discharge may be present in viral conjunctivitis.

– Swelling: Inflammation of the conjunctiva can cause the eyes to appear swollen or puffy.

– Sensitivity to Light: In some cases, conjunctivitis can cause sensitivity to light, which can make it difficult to see clearly.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Conjunctivitis

Dr. Dolan recommends seeking medical attention if you suspect that you have conjunctivitis. A thorough eye exam can help determine the underlying cause of your symptoms and guide appropriate treatment.

In cases of bacterial conjunctivitis, antibiotics may be prescribed to help clear the infection. For cases caused by viruses, treatment is generally supportive and focused on managing symptoms. Allergies are a common cause of pink eye, and antihistamine eye drops or medications may be prescribed to alleviate symptoms.

Protecting Eye Health

The best way to prevent conjunctivitis is to practice good hygiene. Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. If you wear contact lenses, be sure to clean and replace them as directed.

If you experience symptoms of conjunctivitis, it’s essential to seek prompt medical attention to prevent the spread of infection and protect your overall eye health. Dr. Dolan and the team at 2020 Vision in Rochester Hills, MI can help diagnose and treat conjunctivitis, ensuring that your eyes are healthy and comfortable.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Dolan, call 248 375 0040.

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