Failing Grades: Could Poor Eyesight Be to Blame?

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Failing Grades: Could Poor Eyesight Be to Blame?

As parents and educators, it’s easy to worry when a child’s grades begin to slip. We wonder if they’re not studying enough or are too distracted by video games or social media. But what if the problem is that they can’t see the board, the textbook, or even their homework?

It’s estimated that up to 25% of school-age children have vision problems that impact their ability to learn. Unfortunately, many of these children may not even realize they have a problem, so it’s up to parents and teachers to stay aware and watch for signs.

Some of the most common signs include squinting, eye rubbing, frequent headaches, holding books or devices very close to the face, and complaining of blurry or double vision. Other signs may be more subtle, such as difficulty sustaining attention, poor reading comprehension, and low motivation.

If you suspect that your child may be struggling due to poor eyesight, it’s important to have them evaluated by an eye doctor. Dr. Dolan at 2020 Vision in Rochester Hills, MI, is an experienced optometrist who can provide a comprehensive eye exam and determine if corrective lenses or other treatments are necessary.

Even if a child has perfect vision, regular eye exams are essential for maintaining overall eye health and catching potential issues early on. This is particularly important for children who may not be able to articulate eye problems or may not even realize anything is wrong.

In addition to addressing vision problems, there are other steps parents and educators can take to support children who are struggling with school. These may include providing a quiet study area, breaking down assignments into smaller chunks, and seeking extra assistance from teachers or tutors.

Overall, poor eyesight can be a significant barrier to academic success. But with awareness, early intervention, and supportive resources, children can overcome these challenges and reach their full potential in the classroom.

To schedule a comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Dolan at 2020 Vision in Rochester Hills, MI, call 248-375-0040.

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