Say Goodbye to Eye Discomfort: Scleral Contact Lenses Provide Comfortable Alternative

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Are you one of the millions of people whose daily struggles include vision-related discomfort? Do you suffer from dry, itchy, or painful eyes? If so, you are not alone! Over the years, many people have sought various remedies like eye drops, medicated contact lenses, and artificial tears, yet remain unsatisfied with the results.

Thankfully, now, there is a comfortable alternative that you can take advantage of! Scleral contact lenses, also known as ocular surface prostheses, are the perfect solution for anyone who experiences discomfort while wearing traditional contacts or glasses.

Unlike regular contacts, scleral lenses are entirely gas-permeable, and they do not touch the cornea, which is the sensitive part of the eye that feels the familiar discomfort commonly associated with contacts. Instead, scleral lenses rest on the white part of the eye, known as the sclera.

Dr. Daniel Dolan at 2020 Vision in Rochester Hills MI is a trained expert and experienced provider of scleral contact lenses. Dr. Dolan is confident that this newest technology in vision correction is a game-changer for anyone looking for a comfortable alternative.

“The scleral contact lens is a breakthrough in contact lens technology,” Dr. Dolan said in a statement. “It provides much-needed relief for people with a variety of eye conditions like keratoconus, dry eye syndrome, post-LASIK ectasia, and corneal transplant patients who require a custom-designed contact lens for better visual acuity and comfort.”

Scleral contact lenses are different from traditional contacts in many ways. Since they rest on the eye’s white parts, scleral lens wearers do not experience the amount of irritation they may experience with regular lenses. They also don’t have the same pressure points and uncomfortable fit that some regular contact lenses cause.

Moreover, the lenses are custom-fit to each individual’s eye, allowing for increased vision clarity, visual acuity, and reduced glare. This feature becomes especially important for anyone with poor vision that needs the precision of a custom-made lens for better clarity.

Finally, being larger than traditional contact lenses, these lenses are more comfortable to wear for longer periods, making them an excellent option for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

If you’re interested in exploring scleral contact lenses for your vision problems, please call Dr. Dolan at 2020 Vision in Rochester Hills MI, and schedule a consultation today. Dial 248-375-0040 to schedule your appointment or to find more information about scleral contact lenses. Say goodbye to eye discomfort and experience the comfort of the newest technology in vision correction today!

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