Scleral Buckling surgery: A Life-saving Procedure for Retinal Detachment

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Scleral Buckling Surgery: A Life-Saving Procedure for Retinal Detachment

Retinal detachment is a serious eye condition that occurs when the retina, the fragile light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye, detaches from its normal position. This can result in permanent vision loss if it is not treated promptly.

Fortunately, there are several treatment options available for retinal detachment, including scleral buckling surgery. This procedure is considered a life-saving surgery for those who suffer from retinal detachment.

Scleral buckling surgery involves the placement of a flexible silicone band around the eye, which is then tightened to put pressure on the eye’s surface. This pressure helps to bring the retina back into place and keeps it from detaching again.

The surgery is typically done under general anesthesia and may require a hospital stay of up to two days. There may be some discomfort and swelling after the surgery, but this usually resolves within a few weeks.

Dr. Dolan from 2020 Vision in Rochester Hills, MI is a highly skilled ophthalmologist who has performed numerous scleral buckling surgeries. He has extensive experience in treating retinal detachment and is committed to providing his patients with the best possible care.

If you are experiencing symptoms of retinal detachment, such as sudden flashes of light, floaters in your vision, or a curtain-like shadow over your visual field, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. Early diagnosis and treatment can help to prevent permanent vision loss.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Dolan at 2020 Vision in Rochester Hills, MI, please call 248-375-0040. Don’t let retinal detachment take away your vision – seek help today.

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