The Ultimate Guide to Proper Contact Lens Care

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As someone who wears contact lenses every day, it’s crucial to understand proper lens care to prevent eye infections, corneal scratches, and other complications. Contact lens care requires more than just cleaning your lenses, it also involves understanding and following strict hygienic practices. Below are tips to help guide you on proper contact lens care.

Tip 1: Wash Your Hands

It’s essential to wash your hands with soap and water before handling your contact lenses. Make sure your hands are drying thoroughly to avoid transferring bacteria to your eyes.

Tip 2: Clean and Disinfect Your Contact Lenses

Clean and disinfect your contact lenses every day using the recommended solution from your optometrist. Rinse your lenses with sterile solution before and after you wear them. Never use saliva or water in cleaning your lenses as it increases the risk of infection.

Tip 3: Follow the Wearing Schedule

Follow the recommended wearing schedule of your contact lenses; whether it’s daily disposable, reusable, or extended wear. Sleeping or napping while wearing your contacts can lead to infections or irritations.

Tip 4: Replace Your Contact Lenses on Schedule

Replace your contact lenses as scheduled by your optometrist, even if they feel okay. Tip: Set a reminder so that you won’t forget to replace them.

Tip 5: Avoid water when wearing contact lenses

Avoid water exposure to your contact lenses, including tap water, pool water, or even showering with them. Microorganisms thrive in water and can cause severe eye infections.

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In conclusion, following proper contact lens care can benefit your ocular health and vision. Regular visits to your optometrist, such as Dr. Dolan from 2020 Vision in Rochester Hills MI, are essential to ensure your contact lenses fit properly and monitor any potential issues. To avoid any complications, follow the tips mentioned above and take care of your eyes.

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