The Ultimate Guide to Soft Contact Lenses: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Comfortable

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Soft contact lenses have become increasingly popular in recent times, as they provide a comfortable and convenient alternative to eyeglasses. However, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect pair of contact lenses for your eyes. The good news is that with The Ultimate Guide to Soft Contact Lenses, you need not worry anymore.

At 2020 Vision in Rochester Hills, MI, Dr. Dolan and his team are dedicated to helping patients achieve optimal eye health and clarity. Here’s everything you need to know about soft contact lenses to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable.

1. What are Soft Contact Lenses?

Soft contact lenses are thin and flexible lenses that conform to the shape of your eye. They are made of a soft, oxygen-permeable material called hydrogel that allows oxygen to pass through the lens and nourish your eyes. Soft contact lenses are available in a variety of materials, designs, and wear schedules, making them a popular choice for people of different ages and lifestyles.

2. Types of Soft Contact Lenses

There are different types of soft contact lenses available today, including:

a) Daily Disposable Lenses

These contact lenses are worn once and then discarded, making them a highly convenient option for people with an active lifestyle. Daily disposable lenses are available for people with astigmatism, presbyopia, and other refractive errors.

b) Monthly Disposable Lenses

Monthly disposable lenses are designed to be worn for up to a month before they need to be replaced. They require a bit of maintenance and cleaning, but they offer good value for money.

c) Extended Wear Lenses

Extended wear lenses are designed to be worn continuously for a specified period, ranging from one to seven days. These lenses are suitable for people who need to wear contact lenses overnight, such as shift workers or travelers.

d) Toric Lenses

Toric lenses are designed to correct astigmatism by having different powers in different parts of the lens.

e) Multifocal lenses

Multifocal lenses are designed to correct presbyopia and provide clear vision at different distances.

3. Caring for Soft Contact Lenses

Proper care of your soft contact lenses is essential to keeping your eyes healthy and comfortable. Dr. Dolan and his team recommend the following tips:

a) Always wash your hands with soap and water before handling your lenses.

b) Use only the recommended cleaning solution and avoid contact with water.

c) Replace your lenses as instructed, and dispose of them after their recommended wear schedule.

d) Avoid wearing your lenses in the shower, hot tub, or swimming pool.

e) Schedule regular eye exams to ensure your lenses are still the right prescription for your eyes.

In conclusion, soft contact lenses are an excellent option for people looking to improve their vision without having to wear eyeglasses. With the help of Dr. Dolan and his team at 2020 Vision in Rochester Hills, MI, you can find the perfect pair of lenses to fit your needs and lifestyle. To schedule an appointment, call 248 375 0040 today.

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